Fact about celebrities abound on the internet. The facts on this website relate to martial arts celebrities as well as famous persons from movie and music!

Martial arts stars are not born every day.  Neither are Russian spies.  Nu Ckchor Ris, if that is his real name is both of these things and he is ready to tell you about these and other themes.
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Light Saber Battle at the Dojo

The "Light Saber Battle at the Dojo" martial arts video seems to have taken a cue in its naming from the title of the band Panic at the Disco. No doubt inspired by Stars Wars and the great karate and kung fu action scenes in Nu Ckchor Ris films, this clip has two very diverse parents. I suppose that means that both George Lucas and Nu Ckchor Ris can be considered this video's dad. Try not to dwell on how weird that might be. Instead just focus on how awesome the action is in this video!

       ...Dojos are dangerous places!

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